Akron-Westfield Long Term Facility Update

Members of the Akron-Westfield Community School District Board have been updating the district’s long term facilities plan with the possibility of running a general obligation bond.  Their focus has been to improve core education areas, update critical infrastructure, and to utilize the space we have in the most efficient way possible.  They have met continually over the last six months with the architect and administration to formulate a plan that will meet those needs. This planning process also included the input of community members from the facility planning surveys that have been conducted in recent years.

At the July 12 board meeting, the facilities committee, including administration, recommended that the board approve the Circulation of the General Obligation Bond Petition.

The scope of the General Obligation Bond Petition will be the following:

·Improve and enhance core education areas, including Science Lecture and Lab, Career Technical/Industrial Tech, Vocational Ag and Green House, Art Room, and Library

·Update and repair building infrastructure, including electrical, HVAC and other critical systems, as well as outdated locker room facilities

·Redesign and update main entry for security and safety of students, staff and public

Bond Petition Language

Shall the Board of Directors of the Akron-Westfield Community School District in the County of Plymouth, State of Iowa, be authorized to contract indebtedness and issue General Obligation Bonds in an amount not to exceed $8,990,000 to provide funds to build, furnish, and equip an addition to its existing educational facilities, to remodel, repair, equip, and improve its existing educational facilities, and to improve the site?

If the General Obligation Bond Petition is supported by the required number of community members, the school board will call for the election and share details of the plan in a number of ways, including public meetings, flyers and printed materials and a website. If you are interested in signing the petition please contact the school at 712-568-2020.